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Please fill in this form to be added to our waiting list. However, if you do not live locally (i.e. CV12 postcode), you may like to look at groups closer to you – a map of groups with contact details can be found here.

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    Money Matters!

    The Group is a registered charity. None of our leaders receive any payment for the many hours they put in. Our two main sources of income are subscriptions and fund raising. Tax payers please complete the Gift Aid form which the Group Scout Leader will pass to you, to allow us to reclaim tax paid on contributions. Subscription Rates (per month) are £10 and are due the 7th of each month over the year.  This represents tremendous value for money and, we hope, does not exclude anyone from scouting.

    Subscriptions are collected via a Standing Order payment.  You will recieve the form from your appropriate section leader, please complete and take to your bank.  If you are a UK taxpayer we ask that you return the gift aid declaration.

    Any concerns over “Money Matters” please contact either your section leader or the Group Treasurer at